Saturday, June 16, 2012

What day are we on again? Days 10-13

So, I have this ceramic cherub that I brought across the Atlantic with me.  One of my co-workers bought it for my boss from the second-hand store as a joke gift, but it never got thrown out.  It's been sitting in a drawer in the lab for a couple of years, and it needed some sunlight.  My co-worker (the original owner) suggested I take it to Brussels with me and take some Amelie-style shots to send back to our boss.  Thus... a ceramic cherub in Grande Place.  The tourists must have thought I was crazy lying on the ground with a cherub.

Even if we have a lot more sights to see, we've just been through a lot of interesting neighborhoods with fun little details to photograph.  It's fun just to wander.

There's also tons of interesting architecture, but it's almost always cloudy so getting great light is a little difficult.

Occasionally it clears up and you get great skies with all the clouds.

Marisa's stay in Brussels ended this week, but not before we went out for some great chocolate.  We splurged on some high-quality goods.  She even got a chocolate from Pierre Marcolini (one of the most expensive places we've seen so far).  I got a box from Neuhaus.  It's delightful.


  1. Marisa, you look like such a babe in that picture! Andrea... I love that the cherub saw the light. Gorgeous photos! ;)

  2. Glad to see that you're getting a chance to get out a little. The cherub is classic - more please!