Sunday, June 10, 2012

5-6-7-8 - Hello, Netherlands!

 Thursday's lunch.  I figured I might as well make it pretty, even if the ingredients were basic (the aesthetics around here are getting to me...).

Due to the way scheduling worked out for the project this weekend, my friend/supervisor, Marisa, and I had all of Friday off of work.  That meant it was a perfect time to hop out of the country, and we decided to head up to the Netherlands!

We took a bus out of the Brussels North station.  I like how much glass they use at every train station.

We drove past a lot of power-producing windmills on the way, both in Belgium and the Netherlands.  I actually took this out of the bus window.

The next day in Nuenen we found a more traditional windmill, too.  Marisa was determined to see one, so we took the time to stop and take pictures.

We stayed with a friend's family in Eindhoven at first, where I wandered around to photograph a bit.  I discovered that the Netherlands is built out of bicycles (never seen so many in my life) and got to see some funky apartment buildings and orange banners for the upcoming soccer game all over the town.  We also stopped in an interesting church where the stained glass seemed like a mash-up of old and more modern stylization.

When we were in Nuenen, we wandered around and saw some of the Van Gough related sites.  Above is the little church from one of his paintings.  Sadly we were too late to get in to the Van Gough museum there.

After that, we headed up to Amsterdam for a good long day.  It was beautiful, like everyone said it was, but the day happened to be very cold and rainy and we were a bit under-dressed.  It made wandering less pleasant than it should have been, but we made our way in to a few shops to look around (and thaw), then spent a solid three hours in the Rijksmuseum (because Marisa and I are both nerdy like that.  And it was warm inside).  You can see my favorite painting of the day here.

One of the items on display was a GARGANTUAN doll house.  Seriously, there were step ladders to get up and see inside some of the rooms.

Late Saturday, we hopped the train back to Brussels.  Didn't get back until after midnight.

And today (Sunday), I photographed my two purchases from the trip - a new watch and a pair of Chucks that happen to be a matching shade of turquoise.  I bought the watch out of necessity, because I once woke Marisa up early in a panic because I though we had slept in super late (the clock I was looking at was wrong and I had neither a phone or watch to correct me).  Marisa helped me pick the color.  Then in Amsterdam, we stopped by a second-hand store (much better quality than similar stores in the US) and there was a pair of like-new turquoise Converse high-tops!  IN MY SIZE!

They are still on my feet, even though I normally never wear shoes indoors.

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