Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Rest of them are HERE! Day 14 (yes, I know I'm behind)

For the first two weeks, it was just Marisa and I setting up.  Now, there are four others besides myself here to participate in the research project.  So far we do everything together.


 Like eating together.  This is the breakfast I made for everyone the first morning.  Omelets with gouda cheese, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, garlic, prosciutto, and spices.

That night (Sunday) we made crepes.  The first one stuck because we used butter instead of oil in the pan.  Zach insisted it wasn't his fault.  And it wasn't really.  He made beautiful crepes.

We all pitched in to work on it.

And Andrew cut up tons of fruit to put on top.

...And we wander together!  Around the streets, through the park.  We find some of the most interesting things, like the man-in-the-bowler-hat mirror at the modern art museum.  I kind of want that mirror.

Kira plays oboe, and I got to watch her make reeds.  My old roommate (who plays bassoon) used to do this, too.

In addition to all of time we spend together in the apartment and around town, we are also together working on the research project every day.  One week later, we're still enjoying each other's company.  We'll see how long we can go before we start needed personal space :)

And a few more shots of the tower - including one with a DOUBLE RAINBOW!

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