Thursday, August 30, 2012

Up to 48 or so: Actually hanging out in Brussels

The summer rolled onward, and our honorary member of the research group (Lucas, the intern we made friends with)  Had to go home.  We had a Belgian Waffle party to send him off.  Whipped cream, nutella, fruit... mmmm.

We made the "We'll miss you Lucas!" sign from post-its.  You do what you can with limited resources.

For Belgium's independence day, we first made a trip to the Musical Instruments Museum (MIM) to look at some funky old musical implements.  Some of them were truly weird, like the horn down there with SEVEN openings.  What the what?

When we got outside, a full-blown festival was going on with lots and lots of loud music.  I think I lost some hearing, but the drums sure were fun.

In our wanderings, we discovered the the Justice Palace was open for visitors.  We walked past it all the time, so it was cool to go in and see some of it.  They had sweet marble statues that we all wanted pictures with.

And on the way out... the Death Ride?  I think that was for the zip line they had set up over the city streets.  Kind of wanted to go.  Kind of did do it.

Around that time, Lindsey tried to dye the tips of her hair with kool-aid.  It didn't work, but I did get a picture of her sleeping with a plastic bag on her ponytail (my idea, to prevent stains on the sheets).  Hopefully she doesn't hate me for posting it...

And... finally, one night I went wandering...

...and finally took a decent night shot.  Behold!  The Bruxelles Central Station in all its glory!

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