Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Days 25-29, and I'm drowning in a backlog of photos!

The rest of that week, we got to explore the city of Brussels a bit more.  We hit up some shopping (above, where Lindsey and Andrew found some wonderfully gangsta hats), finally saw the castle by church up close (below), and got some frites (french fries) from a carnival-looking stand with crazy sauces (further below).

 We tried to go inside of one of the big churches, but it was locked.  So we sat and looked cool on the steps.

From the steps, we saw an antique shop.  Of course, we went in, and oh my wow was there a lot of old junk!  Ignore the fact that there are mannequin legs sticking out of a suitcase... this place is completely normal.  We also found another antique shop later that had some super classy decor.

On Saturday, we took a bus trip up to the Netherlands to attend the LDS temple there.  They split our group in two to get everyone in, so during the off time, we got to wander around the cute little town close by.  That and circle the temple for the best possible photographic angle.  Good, yeah?

Andrew is serious about eating carrots.

Andrew is even more serious about photographing a plastic stegosaurus named Carl.  He takes it EVERYWHERE.  It's hard to see here, but Carl is on top of the sign.

Kira found some nice flowers in the grass and adorned her hair.  Precious, eh?

We did get in to town, and our first stop was a sweet shop.  Everyone photographed the slice of cake Kira and Lindsey bought to share.  Except me.  I photographed them photographing the cake.

We also went to a nearby windmill and took a tour.  It was hard to follow, as the tour guide was a native Dutch speaker, trying to speak French to the majority of the group and subsiding occasionally to English, which he is apparently better at than French.

After everyone was done at the the temple, we headed over to a beach on the North Sea to eat lunch and chill out a bit.  There were these funny cartoon-ish sculptures all over the place that I enjoyed.

This is Lucas.  He's another American BYU student who has been joining our excursions lately.  You'll see him again in the near future.

We all wanted to head down to the shore and stick our feet in, even though it was cold.  Zach hadn't gotten to change into street clothes, but he rolled up his suit pants and hopped in, too.

Then it started raining and we hopped back in the bus to drive back.

Sunday, all of us American students got together with the Sister Missionaries to go to a BBQ that a woman they know was putting on, kind of as a 4th of July celebration (though it happened on the 1st).  They had an adorable courtyard behind their apartment that was a fantastic setting for the meal.  I handed off my camera to one of the missionaries since she's an art student and wanted to play with it, so some of her shots are mixed in here and I actually make an appearance for once!

At the end, I made Kira sit for a quicky portrait.  I just ran inside after her and said, "Come with me.  Your hair is brown and your shirt is brown; you match the setting."

More to come... eventually...

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