Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Days 21-24 - Tours, Atomium interior, and creeper shots

Trust me when I say that I've taken lots of pictures - albeit mainly snapshots.  The problem is that with all the things I'm doing, it's hard to find a moment to get them organized into a post and displayed for your enjoyment.  I'm repenting, and plowing forward...

 Saturday, our little group of research nerds teamed up with a couple of other people we'd met at church and went on the double-decker bus tour to get an idea of where to interesting sites were.  We also ran into the saxophone man, and we never could decide how he was playing and whether there was a second person hidden under the coat.  He just danced around and played tunes.

At lunch we went to Mykonos - a Greek restaurant on a street full of Greek restaurants near Grande Place.  The food was good, and we got the chance to look at the maps and plan out our route for the rest of the day.

You know how we went to the Atomium the day before?  We went back, and a few of us went inside the gigantic edifice while the others went to this Mini-Europe park.  The Atomium was built in the 1950's, and it shows with the awkward "futuristic" decor of the building.  It was definitely interesting, though, and had a good view of the whole area.

On Sunday we had crepes again.  After a few mishaps the previous week, Zach managed to work out the kinks in the process and was so proud of the crepe stack that he requested a picture.

And even though we don't do a ton of thrilling things during the week, we still have a lot of quality time together.  Usually we're all hanging out in the same apartment in the evenings - sending e-mails, chatting, and sometimes people fall asleep on the couch.  Then I take pictures to post to facebook before consciousness is regained.  Hey, I have to entertain myself somehow!

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